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Knock knock! If you haven’t started buying sustainable clothes yet, then here’s your cue. Did you know that the fashion industry makes up about 10% of carbon emissions across the globe and also leads to pollution in water bodies like streams, rivers, seas and oceans? Washing clothes made up of unsustainable fabrics also increases the number of microplastics present in the oceans. Alarming, right? This is just the tip of the iceberg – there are lots of statistics that validate the fact that switching to conscious and sustainable clothing is the need of the hour. And, we’re happy to tell you that we couldn’t agree more.

At Mamacherub, we design maternity wear, kids and baby wear which are made of sustainable material and has less or almost negligible adverse environmental impact. We’ve achieved sustainable fashion goals by using environmental-friendly fabrics and by dyeing them using azo-free dyes.

Here are some surprising facts that you must know to be able to switch to more conscious fashion choices:

  1. According to research, approximately 99% of what we buy ends up as trash within the first six months of its production. This leads to piling up of garbage.
  2. In order to paint a clearer picture, here’s an example. One cotton t-shirt takes up nearly 3,000 litres of water on an average to produce enough cotton. Therefore, it is pivotal to use recycled materials to reduce land and water pollution.
  3. As per Environmental Performance Index (EPI) 2022, India was ranked at the 151st spot which is quite lower in the ladder. This is an indication enough that conscious decisions need to be made as a whole.
  4. As per statistics of 2020, the fashion industry, particularly produces more or less 80 billion and 150 billion garments globally per annum. This leads up to approximately 2o pieces of clothing per human being on this planet. These statistics say a lot about how dire the need to move towards sustainable clothing, given the demand itself is so high.
  5. All fast fashion purchases have the potential to stay intact and not decompose for at least 200 years. Startling, right? Therefore, it is essential that you reconsider your conscious or subconscious choices with respect to apparel shopping and take the right step toward waste management and water pollution control. The environmental concerns are pressing and that’s where Mamacherub garments step in. Make a conscious choice with us.