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There are no two ways about how challenging motherhood is. From preparing yourself mentally to be responsible for the existence and upbringing of a child, to practically ensuring that he/she gets the best, it is a roller coaster ride. And let’s face it, the constant judgement that comes on what you’re feeding to your infant doesn’t make it any easier either. However, it is important to have thick skin and be confident in doing what suits you (as a mother) and your baby the best.  Breastfeeding and top feeding have their pros, and it is critical to be well-informed about both. 

Advantages Of Breastfeeding

  1. The ‘gold milk’, which is the first-time milk that comes from a mother’s lactating breast is considered literal ‘gold’ as in magical for baby’s nourishment and well-being. It is believed to have the nutrients that are crucial to keeping a baby in good health. 
  2. Breastfeeding also gives both the mom and the baby the time to bond with each other. All the warmth and cuddles that come with breastfeeding the infant also lays the foundation for forming a bond that is irreplaceable, unparalleled and also inexplicable.  
  3. Breastfed babies are also believed to have higher immunity against bacterial and other kinds of diseases that can eventually prove to be fatal. According to research, they also have better mental maturation, fewer cases of allergies, and overall healthy life. 

How Mamacherub Saves The Day For Breast-Feeding Mums

At Mamacherub, we believe in curating clothes that are not just fashionable but also considerate and thought through. That is why we have easy breastfeeding and nursing access for new moms in all our dresses and gowns. These clothes are not just soothing to the mom’s eyes by a mere look at them but also provide the quickest access for the baby to latch on your breast and start feeding. After all, nobody wants to test the patience of a hungry baby as it eventually ends up in them crying their lungs out.

Why It Is Absolutely OK to Formula Feed

While breastfeeding has its own advantages, it is also important to realise the normalcy around top feed and take pressure off the new moms whose babies are not ready to latch on. You do what your baby wants and it is absolutely essential to never force an infant to breastfeed as it can cause trauma and an unhealthy relationship between the mum and the little one. Regardless, even if you are feeding your baby from the bottle, you need to be quick and on the go. And this is again where Mamacherub’s flowy maxi dresses come into play. So, no matter how you’re feeding your baby, we’ll #SeaYouAtMamacherub! 

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