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Choosing a sustainable lifestyle during pregnancy helps to create a healthier and safer environment for the mother and the baby. Moreover, it ensures preserving natural surroundings for the kid’s future. 

“Nurturing with style: Sustainable mom to be clothing for a comfortable living.”

Pregnancy is the most cherishable moment in a woman’s life. It is real-time for women to take care of her. While noticing all the changes in her hormones, cloth size, skin sensitivities, and much more lays a deep impact on both the mother and the unborn child. At this time, new mothers should opt for a sustainable wardrobe and lifestyle. 

For a sustainable fashion choice, you can rely on Mamacherub. Being one of the leading maternity and kids-wear brands in India, Mamacherub is known for its stylish and comfortable clothing options for mothers and kids. The brand focuses on creating clothing that is both functional and fashionable, while also being affordable. Mamacherub is one of the sustainable fashion brands in India.

Here are some ways moms-to-be can be conscious of choosing a Sustainable Lifestyle.

1. Support Sustainable Clothing And Baby Products

Sustainable clothing is garments made from materials that are derived from naturally available raw materials such as cotton, bamboo, hemp, etc. Also, another environmentally friendly choice of maternity wear is to opt for recycled material as this discourages garment waste that forms dump hills or leads to pollution of water bodies. A sustainable lifestyle means sustaining future generations and hence encouraging art and cultural crafts which are otherwise on the downfall due to, the fast-paced automation of the manufacturing process this is another conscious choice. There is a multitude of conscious customers who are demanding and are on the lookout for such alternatives that give them not only comfort but also ensure that the practices followed in the sourcing and making of their product are those that are in sync with preserving the natural resources for us and the future generations. Mothers are at the forefront of promoting these habits to their babies hence their choices are thoughtful and considerate.

2. Choose Healthy And Naturally Sourced Foods

Eating naturally sourced healthy food reduces the level of chemicals and pesticides present in the food. Moreover, choosing the locally-sourced foods helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your meals by minimizing transportation emissions. As well as it’s always best to choose healthy food over junk food to stay healthy and hearty. There are food recipes that have been passed on by generations for to-be-mothers, nursing mothers and young children for their well-being.

3. Use Eco-Friendly And Natural Products

Moms-to-be should always keep in mind that they should only prefer products that are homemade or suitable for their skin. Many traditional household products and personal care products contain harmful chemical agents which ultimately leads to affect the skin and health of both the mother and the baby. Choosing eco-friendly and natural products can help lead a sustainable lifestyle.

4. Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle

Reducing the amount of waste is always the best measure and step to take while caring for an individual. Mother-to-be can put a little effort into reducing waste using reusable bags, containers, water bottles, and much more. This should become an Ethical Fashion in today’s society.

5. Choose Sustainable Transportation Options

Transportation plays a major impact in greenhouse gas emissions. Women and kids can choose a sustainable lifestyle by choosing transportation options such as walking, biking, public transportation, and much more. These options can give mothers and kids new activities to indulge in together and ensure an active and healthier pregnancy and motherhood journey.

Choosing a Sustainable Lifestyle during pregnancy helps to lay down a positive impact on the mother, the newborn child, and, as well as the environment. By choosing the right food items, products, transportation, mom to be dresses, and much more mothers can promote a healthier and more sustainable future. Mamacherub is the top clothing brands in India for maternity and nursing dresses/tops,  adorable newborn onesies with hand embroidery, and smart and colourful kids outfits for both boys and girls.

Ways To Build A Sustainable Maternity Wardrobe

The journey of pregnancy is always a roller coaster ride for a mother. It is full of emotions, hormonal imbalances, mood swings, expectations, anxiety, desires, and much more. Moreover, while preparing for the arrival of the little one, there are a lot of things that go on in the mind of a mother regarding food, wardrobe, and much more. Pregnancy is a time when women undergo several changes including her body. Therefore, it becomes uneasy for her to fit herself in clothes. So, she thinks of buying new clothes which are comfortable and stylish. Building a Sustainable Lifestyle during maternity is the best way to lead a healthy life during and after pregnancy. Here are the ways that help to build a sustainable maternity wardrobe that leads to a nice lifestyle of pregnancy through postpartum.

1. Invest in High-Quality Basics

Investing in highly sustainable products is a great way to lead your pregnancy. Instead of quantity, one should focus on using high-quality material. Cotton clothing is the item that helps to build the foundation of your wardrobe. Therefore, one needs to be cautious about high-quality material that is durable and long-lasting throughout the pregnancy. Always invest in ethical fashion items which are; comfortable maternity dresses, frill and loose tops, knee-length dresses, gowns and much more. These are the basics that will help you to make up the core of your wardrobe.

2. Buy Clothes That Can Be Worn After Pregnancy

When shopping for maternity clothes, it’s essential to choose Sustainable Fashion Brands In India that can be easily worn after pregnancy. Choosing a Sustainable Lifestyle will help to reduce the amount of clothing you need to purchase. Hence, it will lead to the minimization of the environmental impact. Having options that are a looser fit, flowy dresses, loose tops, maxi skirts, and much more that can be easily worn through pregnancy, nursing and after. Henceforth, opting the options such as nursing-friendly tops and dresses is an excellent investment.

3. Consider Sustainable Fabrics

While making a sustainable maternity wardrobe, it’s crucial to consider the environmentally Sustainable fabrics that are used to make the clothing. Opt for fabrics like 100% cotton, linen, bamboo, and others which are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

4. Take Help From Your Known Ones

Asking for maternity clothes from your friends is another excellent way to build a sustainable maternity wardrobe. Moreover, wearing pre-loved maternity clothes that are too in excellent condition is an excellent way to add the collection to your wardrobe without impacting the carbon footprint. Wearing preloved not only helps to be budget friendly but also environment friendly.

Building a Sustainable Lifestyle for the maternity wardrobe is always about investing in high-quality basics, buying clothes that are comfortable and easy to be worn after pregnancy, considering sustainable fabrics, shopping 100% handloom cotton, choosing versatile pieces, and much more. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can create a wardrobe that is not only stylish but also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Summing Up!

Dressing yourself or your baby in Sustainable Lifestyle clothing is a key to comfortable living. Choosing natural fabrics, purchasing gender-neutral, timeless styles, and much more helps you to dress yourself and your baby in environmentally friendly clothes that are both comfortable and soft. Newborn Baby Clothes should always be delicate and soft as the baby’s skin is quite delicate.

Mamacherub is one of the sustainable fashion brands in India that focus on quality. It is one of the most popular choices among new parents. The brand continues to expand its offerings with new styles and designs for newborn baby clothes, kids’ clothes online, mom to be dresses, and much more. With the keen focus of Mamacherub, we deliver clothing options for new mothers and kids in the aspect of style and functionality. Mamacherub is known to be a great choice for mothers and children who want comfortable clothing that looks great and feels great to wear. For more details, click here!