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Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated on the eve when lord Krishna was born. Lord Krishna is known for his playful and mischievous activities when he was a kid. There are various events and stories about lord Krishna that many people don’t know about. Here we will discuss some of the playful events of Lord Krishna’s life. 

“The mischievous twinkling in Baby Krishna’s eyes says it all – playing is in full swing!”Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna’s Mischievous Yet Fun Incidents 

“When Baby Krishna decides it’s snack time, no butter pot is safe!”

Krishna goes inside a room where Yashoda Maiya has kept all the Makhan. He looks for Makhan and finds a small pot filled with Makhan. He takes the pot and starts eating. During this time Balram tells everything to Yashoda Maiya and they both look for Krishna. They both noticed Krishna eating Makhan from the pot.

Krishna saw his reflection in a big pot thinking it was Balram and offered him some Makhan. Balram and Yashoda Maiya watch everything hiding behind the door giggling.

Krishna: (Looking at his reflection) Take this Makhan Balram and don’t tell maiya that I give it to you okay? 

Balram: (giggles) Look at Krishna….

Yashoda: (giggles) What are you doing Krishna?

Krishna: (hides his hands behind the back) “मैया! मैंने माखन नहीं खाया है। मुझे तो ऐसा लगता है कि इन ग्वाल-बालों ने ही मेरे मुख पर माखन लगा दिया है ! (mumma, I havbn’t eaten butter, I think my friends have put it on my face)

Yashoda: (laughs & cleans Krishna’s face and picks him up) Okay, look at you, all dirty. Now let me clean you. 

Even after Krishna’s mischievous activity Maiya Yashoda always forgives because of the innocence and harmless behaviour of Little Krishna. 

Moral: From this, we learned that kids are innocent no matter how naughty they are always forgiven. Today’s children celebrate Krishna Janmashtami by creating a pyramid and then breaking a matki full of makhan. 

“Krishna’s playful pranks are a testament to the pleased joy within us all.”

This leads us to another mischievous story of Lord Krishna. When he was playing with his friends, Krishna noticed a few gopis at the riverside and decided to go behind them to play a prank. He took all his friends with him and hid under the bushes. 

Krishna: Come with me to the riverside, we will play a game. 

Sudama: (Curiously) What will be the play? 

Krishna: Come I will show you.

They all follow Krishna, He makes gulel from tree woods, collects some stones and asks his friends to do the same. 

Krishna: Shoot those matka’s if you break it then you win. 

Sudama: (surprisingly) But the gopis will be angry. 

Krishna: (calmly) This is a game, they won’t be angry.

Gopis were returning from the river carrying the matka on their head filled with water. Krishna and his friends start aiming at the matka. Krishna hits one matka and it breaks resulting in water falling on the gopi. This made the gopi furious, meanwhile, Krishna and his friends ran away. 

Moral: Even though Krishna used to do pranks it was so innocent and harmless that it didn’t hurt anyone. The lesson we learned is you can have fun but don’t hurt anyone physically or emotionally. 

“The sweetest thief in history – Baby Krishna, the Butter Bandit!”

After his prank, Krishna was returning home on the way he noticed his troop of monkey friends playing with a stolen jug of makhan (butter). He asked the monkeys. 

Krishna: Can I have some Makhan from the jug Would you like to share it with me?

Monkey: (furious) No, we won’t give you the Makhan we are hungry and stole it from a house.

Krishna: (curiously) Where did you steal it from?

Monkey: We won’t tell you.

Monkeys start to fight among themselves to decide who will be the first to eat the Makhan. 

Krishna slowly walks towards the monkey troop, he grabs the jug and runs away. 

One of the monkeys noticed it and alarmed the entire troop, they ran behind him he hid in the bushes but later he shared the makhan with his monkey friends. 

Moral: No matter how mischievous Krishna was he was always there to help his friends even while pranking them. So, the lesson here is always to be there for your friends in every situation and share your things. 

Summing Up!

May your little Krishna’s outfit always be as cosy and adorable as their smiles. Happy Krishna Janmashtami from Mamacherub! These were some of the playful events of Krishna’s life that taught us many things. Even though he was a god the divine power of the universe he lived his life like a normal human being and enjoyed simple things in life. He taught us to live our life happily, and compassionately.