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Protecting Marine Life With Mamacherub Sustainability: Mamacherub’s Pillar To Protect Marine Life

“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch, we are going back from whence we came.” — John F. Kennedy

All of us owe a lot to the environment we’ve been brought up in. From the mountains, the sand, to the ocean – it’s our responsibility to be preserving these gifts of nature and we, at Mamacherub understand the importance of giving back to nature by preserving it for future generations. Therefore, we use sustainable fabric (Plant-based fabrics that are natural and hence compostable) to make clothes that are pesticides free and also made of azo-free dyes. This helps prevent the drainage of harmful chemicals into water bodies.

Pesticides-Free Fabric

At Mamacherub, we use sustainable cotton, corn fibre and bamboo fabrics that are eco-friendly and have no harmful effects on the environment. These natural fabrics are made from plant extracts and wood pulp and cause no water pollution when recycled or discarded as waste since they are devoid of chemicals. These fabrics take years to biodegrade whereas, the fabric at Mamacherb doesn’t.


Responsible Fashion With Azo-Free Dyes

Wet-processing stage in the process of clothing production is the key source of water pollution due to the fashion industry. This stage includes dye, and printing on the fabric. This ends up polluting the water bodies on a large scale. Not only is this process water-intensive, but it also pollutes water. Most of these dyes consist of synthetics called azo. However, Mamacherub has adopted the use of azo-free dyes to add colour to our clothing. These do not include nitrogen-based compounds which ultimately release amine chemicals into our waterbodies. These are low-impact and therefore are a step toward responsible and sustainable fashion. Here are a few advantages of the fabric at Mamacherub:

  1. It does not harm the sensitive skin of mothers/mothers-to-be and their kids
  2. Protect marine life by not polluting water bodies
  3. The absorption rate of dye used by us is more than 70% which makes it eco-friendly and causes less wastage of water

Responsible Packaging

At Mamcherub, we understand the importance of responsible packaging. Contrary to plastic packaging which is preferred by most e-commerce brands, we use compostable corn starch paper to wrap up products to minimize waste dump and facilitate biodegradation. This is an initiative that helps inculcate an environmentally conscious mindset among kids from an early age.

Lesson For Kids: Importance Of Water & Marine Life

As per UNESCO Facts & Figures on Marine Pollution, plastic debris in the ocean beds is responsible for the killing of over 1 million marine animals every year. These include fauna such as different species of fish, aquatic birds, mammal turtles, etc. Mamacherub gives responsible mothers a chance to not just protect marine life but also imbibe the same mindset into their kids.

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